Earn Points With An

Active Loyalty Account

When you join as a preferred customer or business partner, all of your purchases will build up loyalty points in our system. We have designed this point based system to allow us to reward active users and business builders. You can redeem your points for a range of items!

We really want our loyal customers and business partners to share in the success of our company by enjoying continued gifts and rewards. Whether you want to buy more product or buy a new car and have us pay for your repayments, we are more than happy to redeem your points as you see fit. Pay bills, have cosmetic surgery or dental work, you name it and we will come to the party!

Your Points Can Be Redeemed

To Pay For

More Products

img Buy more products to resell

img Order gifts for friends or relatives

img Get a gift voucher

img Pay for your next auto ship

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Get Your Dream Car

img Choose your dream car

img Audi, Lexus, BMW?

img Let us pay for the finance

img Be rewarded for your hard work

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Pay For Your Personal Loan

img Pay off your credit card

img Have cosmetic surgery on us

img Get that needed dental work done

img You name it, you got it!

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