Inspirit is an all natural plant based fragrance for both men and women using clean, conscious ingredients to craft a beautiful, innovative and uplifting scent. Our product philosophy is simple  – Only Nature Added.

Our Philosophy

Inspirit is all natural 

Inspirit is all natural plant based essence The way nature intended it ! Not Synthetic


What Our Fans Say

"I just love Inspirt. I could not wear perfume because I would always get an awful headache. I almost gave up on using any scent until I found Inspirit. It never gives me a headache and I get many compliments when I wear it. It's a win win!"
“ Thank you!
And much thanks to you and Eric for this AMAZING oil - we LOVE LOVE LOVE it❣️🥰❣️🙏
It reminds me of one of my favs from Muji, it's called "relax". It's described as floral and citrus but I know it has some wood oil in it too🥰.”
“It's like an Earth Shield! The fragrance is a wonderful blend of earth protection through essential oils”


Inhaling the diffused oil is believed to have major effects on our emotional state, grounding us and drawing out our spirituality. It is used in holy practices for this precise reason, also because it has cleansing and purifying properties.


Lemon Grass

Researchers have validated local herbs such as lemon grass that could be effectively used in mosquito repellents.


Natural Astringent - Witch hazel 

The skin is our largest, most exposed and most environmentally abused organ. Witch hazel can be a powerful ally in its defense and healing.


Shake it up!

Why should I shake my bottle before using it? 

We could add chemistry to make the oil go into solution but that is not the way nature designed. We use natural carriers that are found in nature: witch hazel ( plant based ), distilled water and a natural oil essences from plants.

Inspirit is all natural plant based essence “ vegan” the way nature intended it ! Not Synthetic 

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