Be Emboldened

Inspirit is an all natural plant based fragrance for both men and women. Using clean, conscious ingredients we have crafted a beautiful, innovative and uplifting scent.

Live well... pass it on!


Evolve Beyond Synthetics

Why Try Inspirit?

Our approach is Only Nature Added!

Inspirit is transparent in our ingredients. We use all natural ingredients that are provided by nature and stay clear from toxic synthetics that can compromise your health.

All Natural Essential Oil-Body Spray

We use natural carriers that are found in nature: witch hazel, distilled water and a natural oil essences from plants.
Just "Shake and Spray" for a fast refreshing start to your day.

Unique Blend for Spray Bottle

We could add chemistry to make the oil go into solution and through a spray applicator but that is not the way nature designed it. 
Which do you prefer white or black on the bottle? You are going to help us decide BECAUSE we need your feedback!

Limited Time - While Supplies Last

We are committed to creating satisfaction so we are letting you try Inspirit for free!  Help us provide the kind of experience that you would want for yourselves and your loved ones. Your input and feedback is critical in helping us launch this amazing product.

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