Inspirit Family

All products start somewhere, right? Our's started out on Father's day a few years ago at our very own kitchen table.

Be Emboldend

 My daughter and I wanted to make an all natural cologne for our family to enjoy. We went out and purchased a slew of essential oils and spray bottles and spent the afternoon mixing different ones until we got the scent we were looking for. That's when Inspirt was born. We weren't the only ones that enjoyed our natural cologne. As we wore it out everyday we would get compliments from both men and women that we came in contact with. I can't even count the times that I was standing in line at the grocery or even Home Depot that people complimented the smell and asked what I was wearing. We began making larger batches to give out to our friends, family and other people that requested a bottle. With the encouragement of others we started to produce more and more and here we are today.

When coming up with the name of the scent, I kept coming back to how it was very uplifting to the senses. The name Inspirt is truly fitting since it means to uplift one from external measure. Our hope is that you find Inspirt invigorating and elevating to your spirit as well.

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